Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red alert: How to wear this season's hottest hue, whatever the shade

A splash of red will brighten up your wardrobe
A splash of red will brighten up your wardrobe
Red is this season's hottest hue - from ox blood to pillar box, it's the shade to be seen in.
Celebrities such as supermodel Miranda Kerr, Hollywood actress Marion Cotillard and Naomi Watts all took to the red carpet at the Golden Globes in fiery gowns, ensuring all eyes were on them.
The trick to wearing red is to find the right tone to suit your complexion.
Bright shades such as fire engine red look great on pale skins or dark complexions. Steer clear if you have a fake tan or you could end up looking like a lobster.
When choosing what to wear with this striking colour go for the classic red and black combination which is chic and stylish.
If a crimson outfit is too bold for you, add red accessories for an injection of colour such as a pair of ruby slippers or a knitted scarf, or you could pucker up with scarlet lippy.  
Brighten up your winter wardrobe with an injection of red – an easy shade everyone can wear

Celebrity Big Brother winner: Razor Ruddock's odds are slashed following largest ever BB bet

Nice smile, Razor
Nice smile, Razor
Former footballer Razor Ruddock's odds of winning Celebrity Big Brother 2013 were slashed today after one punter placed £1,000 on him emerging victorious.
The bet is the biggest ever to be placed on Big Brother, according to bookmakers Ladbrokes.
Following the big money bet - which was placed at odds of 5/1 - Razor's chances of winning the show cut to 9/2.
That makes him the second favourite housemate to win, behind X Factor star Rylan Clark who is currently favourite to take the crown at 1/2.
Whilst Razor's EPIC snoring has driven his fellow CBB contestants mad (and caused a fair few sleepless nights), he's proven a hit with the public thanks to his plain speak, big belly laughs and his penchant for rearranging his, ahem, intimate areas.
Only Rylan has better odds of winning

The former footballer wasn't even supposed to go into the house, having only been drafted in as an 11th hour replacement for comedian Jim Davidson following the comedian's arrest .
The soccer star is best known for his five years with Liverpool from 1993.
The dad-of-three, 44, also played for Southampton, Spurs and West Ham before quitting football in 2003 and appearing on I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here the following year. Since then he's acted in Fat Friends and last year took part in Celebrity Total Wipeout, finishing in last place.
Former footballer is second favourite to win behind Rylan Clark

Off the rails: Cleaner steals train and crashes it into a block of flats

Messy ending: The train derailed and hit a building in Sweden
Messy ending: The train derailed and hit a building in Sweden
THREE families had a lucky escape when this train smashed into their flats after being stolen by a cleaner.
The 22-year-old woman, who was badly hurt in the crash, took it from the depot where she was working.
She drove the empty train for a mile before it careered off the tracks for 30 yards and hit the building in Sweden. No one inside was hurt.
Police officers stand around a local train that derailed and crashed into a residential building in Saltsjobaden outside Stockholm
Lucky escape: Three families were fortunate to escape unharmed

Bosses could not explain why the cleaner in Stockholm stole the ­four-carriage train.
Tomas Hedenius of Arriva, which also runs services in the UK, said: “We have only heard good things about her. We’re investigating how this could happen.”
He did not know how she got hold of the keys but said driving a train was straightforward. He said: “You can read about it on the internet,”
The thief, who was badly hurt in the crash, took it from the depot where she was working

iPad 5 and iPad mini 2: Release date, price, specs and features rumours

The iPad 5 may go widescreen like the latest iPhone
The iPad 5 may go widescreen like the latest iPhone
The rumour mill is spinning once again, and this time about the upcoming release of Apple’s iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.
It has been reported the products will be released in March – just five months after the last iPad updates were announced. This suggests that Apple have abandoned annual releases in order to update their products twice a year.
The iPad 5 is reported to be thinner and lighter, potentially reducing the width down to just 7.2mm. It’s possible that this will be achieved by changing the LED backlighting system, going from two light bars to one in an attempt to shed weight and those all-important millimetres.
Others have said Apple will use an IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) screen, which, as well as being much thinner than current screens, uses 90 per cent less power, which will save battery life and improve touch responsiveness.
There are conflicts, however, about the size of the iPad 5. Some are saying it will be the same as before, just slimmer. Others are suggesting Apple will create a “widescreen” version, like they did with the iPhone 5.
What everyone agrees on is that the new iPad will have a new A6X processor, and will have Apple’s Lightening chip - the same one used in the iPhone 5. It is possible the maximum storage will be increased from 64GB to a whopping 128GB.
Based on Apple's consistent pricing models, experts are guessing iPad 5 prices will start at £399, and £499 for 3G capable versions.
But what about the iPad mini 2? The potential updates have been described as a “refresh” of the original iPad mini, with the same design but including a faster processor and chip, as well as an improved camera.
Experts are disagreeing over any change to the iPad mini 2’s resolution – will it change or not? There has been nothing to imply there will be any improvement to the resolution of the new iPad mini, but market observers have said a new high resolution display is likely to be the next step. A retina display for the iPad mini would boast a resolution of 2058 x 1536, with a pixel density of 326ppi.
The rumours about the new iPads are mostly coming from Brian White, an analyst from Topeka Capital Markets. He wrote in a note to investors about information he had heard from “checks” and industry sources at the Consumer Economics Show in Las Vagas last week.
Jeffries analyst Peter Misek said the iPad mini could become available in as many as six different colours. There are also rumours the iPhone 6, due to be released in the summer, will also be available in a range of colours and screen sizes.
The iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 are rumoured to be released in March, with a host of faster, sleeker and smoother specs

"Fly with your new wings": Tributes paid to Vauxhall helicopter crash pilot who flew in James Bond movies

The helicopter spun out of control and crash-landed near Vauxhall station after the pilot attempted to divert the aircraft to a helipad due to bad weather
A helicopter pilot who died today in a crash in central London that claimed the life of one other person and injured several others has been named as Pete Barnes.
Mr Barnes, who has piloted helicopters in action scenes in movies Die Another Day, Tomb Raider II and Saving Private Ryan, worked for flight operator RotorMotion.
The helicopter spun out of control and crash-landed near Vauxhall station after the pilot attempted to divert the aircraft to a helipad due to bad weather.
The AgustaWestland 109 Power clipped a crane on top of one of Europe's tallest residential towers, falling from the sky before exploding into flames and crashing into the streets below.
Captain Philip Amadeus, managing director of RotorMotion, an executive helicopter charter business, said the aircraft was on a commercial flight from Redhill, in Surrey, to Elstree.
He said: "Our main priority now is for the family of the pilot and we extend our greatest sympathy to the friends and relatives of those who have died and been injured."
Tributes flooded across Twitter from many who had flown with Mr Barnes.
@MikeSmithFTV wrote: "Pete Barnes. Air ambulance, filming, immense pilot. Enjoyed our teas & chats. Rest not in peace, but fly with your new wings."
@analiensaturn tweeted: "I can name the pilot now Pete Barnes, a captain well liked and very proffesional."
@stevegals said: "#RIP Cpt Pete Barnes. Top guy, always a pleasure to see and fly with you. Thoughts are with family and friends. #helicopter."
@MartinHoyle0121 added: "Pete Barnes RIP … One of life's Adventurers Gone Sad Day for His Family."
Mr Barnes had thousands of hours of flying experience and had amassed around 9,000 hours of flying time, including 3,500 hours on the type of craft he was piloting today.
In a wide-ranging UK career spanning 18 years, he had done everything from fly air ambulances to working as a pilot on adverts, TV programmes and films including the James Bond film Die Another Day, Saving Private Ryan and Tomb Raider II.
In 2004 he helped rescue a motorist from a flooded ford in County Durham, while working for the Great North Air Ambulance.
He also flew the Newcastle Traffic & Travel helicopter as the Voice of Metro FM and worked as a helicopter instructor.
Mr Barnes originally worked as a ski instructor and guide in Europe after completing his business studies degree, before going into advertising.
But he later moved to the US to train as a helicopter pilot, earning a US Commercial and Instructors Licence flying helicopters around Florida and the East Coast.
He moved back to the UK and at the time of his death was working as a freelance pilot for RotorMotion, a company which counts among its clients the Prince of Wales, Prime Minister David Cameron, former PM Tony Blair and the Dalai Lama.
On its website RotorMotion describes Mr Barnes, who had worked for them since 1997, as one of the country's most experienced Agusta pilots and instructor, with clients often requesting him for "both his piloting skills and his relaxed, charming manner".
Addressing a press conference near the scene of the incident, Commander Neil Basu, of the Metropolitan Police, said: "It was something of a miracle that this was not many, many times worse."
It is understood the eight-seater aircraft was owned by Cornwall-based Castle Air but was leased to RotorMotion, which is based at Redhill Aerodrome.
Staff at Redhill Aerodrome confirmed it left the site at 7.35am amid low cloud cover and poor visibility, while the owner of London Heliport said he requested to land at one of its sites via Heathrow air traffic control.
But the Heliport never established contact with the pilot and shortly before 8am the aircraft crashed into the crane on top of The Tower in the St George Wharf development on the River Thames.
Video footage and photos flooded on to social media sites revealing chaotic scenes, with roads blocked off, burning wreckage and buildings damaged by flames.
Witness Nic Walker said the helicopter crashed on to the street outside his house, setting a car on fire.
He said: "I was awake in bed and heard a helicopter. I was aware of some funny sounds and then a loud engine noise, then a huge bang. I flung open my window and looked out to see fire across the street.
"The crane operator was about to go up. The scaffolders evacuated to here told me there isn't a crane big enough in the UK to get the wreckage down."
London Fire Brigade station manager Bruce Grain, one of first firefighters at the scene, said it "was absolute chaos" but he revealed the fire was put out within 20 minutes.
Six fire engines, four fire rescue units, a number of other specialist vehicles and 88 firefighters attended the scene of the crash, a few hundred yards from MI6 and the future American embassy site.
Four fire engines and two fire rescue units also attended reports of a crane in a precarious position.
The brigade was called at 8am and 57 firefighters and officers were involved.
A photograph taken by the London Fire Brigade shows the damage caused to a VW car which was hit by debris from the helicopter.
The front and side windows were smashed, the passenger door was open and the vehicle was badly charred.
A section of twisted metal from the helicopter lay next to the vehicle.
Peter Cowup, assistant commissioner at London Fire Brigade, said: "One driver was able to get out of his own free will and leave the scene. He was injured but we understand he's fine.
"Our operation is now focused on the tower crane. We're doing what we can to make that safe and working with specialist contractors to assess the damage sustained to the crane.
"In the meantime, we will have to maintain a cordon around it and ask people to stay away from the area."
He added: "Some people were evacuated. We will allow them back into their homes as soon as we can."
Asked about the stability of the crane, Mr Cowup said: "At the moment there's no imminent risk of that crane collapsing."
London Ambulance Service confirmed 12 people were injured in the incident.
Pauline Cranmer, operations manager at London Ambulance Service, said: "The second fatality was not in the building. It was in close proximity to the helicopter.
"There were a number of injuries that would potentially be consistent with being hit by debris. Our primary concern is about treating the injuries."
The police force is working with other agencies including the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) and the Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA).

Jailed: The property tycoon who hid £400m fortune from his ex-wife

Scot Young embraced his model girlfriend on arrival at the court hearing but it turned out to be a farewell kiss
Jailed: Scot Young
Jailed: Scot Young
A property tycoon was jailed for six months today for refusing to give his estranged wife details of his alleged £400million fortune.
Scot Young, 51, was found guilty of “flagrant” contempt of court.
His ex Michelle, 48, said he has “secreted enormous assets” – while Young claimed that he is bankrupt and cannot meet her £27,500-a-month maintenance bill.
Young’s arrears are now “close to £1million” after paying nothing since 2009, the High Court was told.
He embraced his model girlfriend Noelle Reno, 29, on arrival for today’s London hearing. But it turned out to be a farewell kiss.
Young said he was “shocked” as he was led away in handcuffs – and carrying a Louis Vuitton overnight bag – to start his sentence.
He added: “It’s a sad day for British justice.”
Mrs Young hit back: “What other choice did I have with someone who is in contempt of court – who is trying to leave me and our two daughters destitute?”
Her lawyer Edward Fitzgerald, QC, told the judge Young had given the High Court the “runaround” after being ordered to detail his wealth.
He said the tycoon was worth £400million in 2006 but had given “absolutely no explanation” of where the money had gone.
 Mr Fitzgerald added that Young pleaded poverty, yet seemed to be living a lifestyle “consistent with considerable wealth”.
“He is going from party to party, champagne glass in hand and his current girlfriend, some supermodel, on his arm,” he said.
Young, who represented himself, said Mrs Young was trying to commit him to jail out of “malice” and asked for another 28 days to comply with the orders – claiming he did “everything in my power” to answer her financial queries.
But Mr Justice Moor branded his non-compliance excuses “absurd” and “next to useless”.
He said: “The husband claims he is penniless. The wife contends he is worth up to £400million but hid all his resources to avoid his obligations to her and their children.
"I find there has been a flagrant and deliberate contempt over a very long period.”
The pair, who both live in London after separating in 2006, will conclude their long legal battle over the money at a trial due later this year.
Mrs Young said: “We were together 18 years and wed for 12. Why should I walk away? This money was made during our time together.”
Family case lawyer Kirstie Law said: “This sends a message that there is a duty to provide disclosure.”

'Shut up about Hillsborough': Sir Bernard Ingham not sorry for blaming Liverpool 'mob' for deaths of the 96

Unrepentant: Sir Bernard Ingham
Unrepentant: Sir Bernard Ingham
Sir Bernard Ingham, formerly the chief press officer to Margaret Thatcher, has reportedly refused to apologise for having blamed innocent Liverpool FC fans for the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.
According to a report in the Liverpool Echo, Ingham responded to questions regarding his previously stated views on the disaster by saying: “What have I to apologise for?”
The Echo reports that Ingham, now 80, had written a letter to Liverpool fan Graham Skinner (whose friend Eric Hughes died in the disaster) in 1996, which was this week passed to the Hillsborough Family Support Group.
In it Ingham reportedly wrote: “I have, however, one suggestion to make: for its own good, Liverpool – with the Heysel disaster in the background – should shut up about Hillsborough.
“Nothing can now bring back those who died – innocent people who, by virtue of being in the ground early, had their lives crushed out of them by a mob surging in late.”
The Echo reports that it had contacted Ingham at his home in Surrey with regard to the views expressed in the letter, in the light of the findings of the Hillsborough Inquiry which completely rejected the lie that Liverpool fans were in any way responsible for the disaster.
Ingham, who admitted he had not read the Hillsborough Report, reportedly refused to apologise for the discredited opinion about "a mob surging in late".
Referring to the content of the 1996 letter, he said: “That seems reasonable to me, I most certainly do [think that] if there is any respect for the 96 who died. I think people should be concerned about those who died.”
In 2012, before the Hillsborough Report was published, Ingham had reportedly claimed that the day after the disaster Thatcher was briefed by senior police officers that "a tanked-up mob" were responsible for the deaths of the 96.
In black and white: The Hillsborough Report exposed the lie that Liverpool fans were responsible - but Sir Bernard Ingham (centre, head bowed, with then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the ground) hasn't read it
In black and white: The Hillsborough Report exposed the lie that Liverpool fans were responsible - but Sir Bernard Ingham (centre, head bowed, with then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the ground) hasn't read it

This police version of the cause of the disaster has since proved to be utterly false and the police found to have engaged in a concerted effort to peddle a 'tanked-up mob' fiction to shift responsibility on to Liverpool fans. 
The Echo reports that the Hillsborough Family Support Group chair Margaret Aspinall responded to Ingham's refusal to apologise by saying: “Just like the woman, he is not for turning. We know the truth and deep down he knows the truth, he just can’t face it. We have proved that he’s wrong.”
In 1996 letter the former chief press secretary to Margaret Thatcher advised Liverpool to "shut up about Hillsborough" disaster in which 96 innocent people died